Custom Lead Assignment Rules for Sales Teams & Lead Costs for Lead Buyers.

Using a patented feature called Lead Types. You are able to notify certain people on your sales team, agents or lead buyers when certain Lead Types are submitted via our API. Your clients looking for real estate leads wouldn't be notified if they we're not buying leads in a certain zip code. Or lets say you sell leads to insurance agents and realtors: insurance agents wont get leads realtors chose to receive. Remember you have the option to SMS a link to your sales team so they can just accept a lead without having to pay for the lead. You can combine Lead Types to create all sorts of assignment rules for leads automatically being distributed via SMS.

  • Sell leads to many different kinds of clients.
  • Only notify clients looking to buy certain kinds of lead types.
  • Add multiple lead types to one form so you can charge more for one kind of lead.
  • 100% customizable lead assignment rules for your sales team. See ideas by clicking here.
  • Maximize your ability to make more money during downtime with one niche.
  • Tip: Learn more about leads types and see them by clicking here.

Lead notification are sent via SMS right after your contact form is submitted.

Your teams & lead buyers will want to know about a lead before they buy it. They'll want to know how old it is before they contact it or buy it. They are sent a lead notification via SMS with basic lead information and a link to a purchase page. That page shows the last time another agent or lead buyer bought the lead or accepted the lead, how many times it's been purchased, the cost of the lead and the age of the leads origination time & day.
  • Teams & lead buyers get a SMS with a link to basic lead details and purchase button or an accept button.
  • They can see how many times it has been bought already and the exact time it was bought last.
  • The page is completely brandable by color changes and your logo in place of ours.
  • Don't charge for leads and distribute the leads in the actual lead sms notification or make the leads acceptable which skips the lead purchase form and take team members directly to the lead.

When clients decide to buy the lead, checkout has never been easier.

Your clients only use their credit card when they buy a lead. None of their financial information is stored on our servers. They can chose to be remember later so they can pay with a 1-click check out just like Amazon does. You even have to option to just distribute a lead and skip the payment option, you'll just edit which link to use in the lead notification customization options.
  • 1-click checkout feature powered by Stripe
  • Financial information is not stored on our servers.
  • Seamless checkout will not cause any confusion causing a lost sale.
  • Tip: You can alternatively 'NOT' charge for leads and just assaign them to teams then distribute the lead to them by changing out a simple tag on the lead notification customization page. Real estate companies with agents and insurance companies whose agents are not 1099 'do not' want to charge for leads usually.

Let team members 'Accept' a lead instead of having to pay for it.

If you are strictly assigning leads to buyers and not selling you can do so. We call it making the lead acceptable and it is easily done by placing the |teamurl| placeholder in the SMS customization area.
  • Easily change back and forth between sending an accept page link or a link to purchase a lead when it is generated. In the free version of Monetizelead you can only do one or the other at a time.

Your clients are shown the full leads information and are SMSed a receipt.

Once your team members or buyers accept the lead, they are immediately shown the leads full contact information. They are also sent a receipt with the leads full contact information. Totally hands off for you when a sale happens and after it happens. Even if you use the link option to not charge for a lead and just assign it to your teams. The lead will still be treated in our system under purchases making things simple to manage.
  • Automatic lead distribution after sale.
  • Text messaged receipt with full lead data.
  • Totaly automated before, during and after the sale of the lead.
  • Tip: If your customers have complaints you can easily identify leads with the unique Token in their receipt.

Powerful administrator panel to simplify communication & control of your clients.

Completely brand your business from the admin panel, change basic rules about when new clients signup to buy leads. Effortlessly manage all of your members (clients), hire employees and set their roles on the platform to access your admin features. You can even block people from signing up. We also give you the ability to send unlimited emails to all of your members for free.

  • Brand our cloud software with your business logo and page colors.
  • Seamlessly keep track of all of your teams & lead buyers.
  • Hire employees and give them their own admin style account.
  • Absolute power and control over every feature of our software.

Powerful lead mangement to store, manange, identify and delete bad leads.

Never touch another excel sheet again. See every lead you've ever generated in one place. Delete leads with bad contact information competently and undelete them if you've made a mistake. Sort leads by date and by lead type.

  • See all your leads in one place.
  • Dexterously sort leads by email, name, phone number, date and lead type.
  • Unique identification system ensure leads never get mixed up and makes for easy returns for bad leads.
  • Delete and undelete leads with the click of a button to make them unpurchasable.

MonetizeContact™ an included smart contact & manual lead submission page.

We've included a smart contact page for you to collect & assign leads to your team members. You could also sell them through this page by making the 'contactform' lead types have a cost. We've also included a manual lead submission form you can submit leads by hand with for whatever leads types you need want to use. Copy and paste your page links from the options page.

  • Copy the link to your smart contact page and manual submission page straight from the options page.
  • Change the background & the logo of MonetizeContact™ pages.

Use your existing websites or form builders with our API.

Our API is a single javascript snippet. You add a few things to your web form and thats it. We can integrate our API for you for $99 not including custom features you may want. You have the ability have us create any custom features to run your business specifically how you do.

  • Simple API integration.
  • We can integrate it for you.
  • The technical term for our API is a REST API.
  • We can create any custom modifications and additions starting at $100/hour for programming work.

Clients payments go straight your bank account plus branding custom options.

You get 10 free text messages per day so a maximum of 310 SMS per month for free. Then you pay only $0.10 per SMS and if you send over 1,001 a day you'll only spend $0.05 per SMS. We also take 0.00% commission from you when you sell a lead because you get to use your own stripe account to process payments when clients buy leads. Your able to change the colors of the pages, customize what text messages say tailored to your clients names & more.

  • Use your own stripe account, it's free, see more"/>here.
  • You get 10 free text messages per day so a maximum of 310 SMS per month for free.
  • Totally customize all the colors, logos, what text message notifications say and what the receipt text message says. Use your clients names in the text messages and even the lead types.
  • You pay only $0.10 per SMS and if you send over 1,001 a day you'll only spend $0.05 per SMS.

Reverse Payments Made by Clients if Leads Are Fake & Uncontactable

In the event that your clients buy a lead that has fake contact information or is just not real. You can reverse the purchase in the software and undo the reversal if you need to. This lets your clients keep accurate purchases and an better way to manage this scenario.

  • Reverse customer purchases in our software.
  • Undo the purchase reverals if you need to..
  • This feature helps maintain a good relationship with clients.
  • After you do this, simply login to stripe and cancel their payment.

Clients can login and keep track of their purchases from anywhere freely.

Don't send anymore excel sheets with leads, emails when your clients need leads you've sent them before, don't even worry about sending an invoice anymore. Your clients can just login freely and keep track of all this without you standing there or on the phone with them.

  • Clients get a control panel to login to for free.
  • They can keep track of all of their historical purchases visually.
  • They can see every lead they have ever purchased and sort through them.
  • Clients can give you the leads unique identification number for reversals too.

Clients can update their own profiles & choose lead types to be notified about.

In the event your client needs to update their personal information. Upload a picture to make their profile more personal. Or they decide they want to buy more types of leads. They can do it all themselves right from their profile in their contorl panel.

  • Clients can upload a profile picture.
  • They can change their contact information.
  • Clients can choose the lead types they want to be notified about..

Give a link to your team members & lead buyers to signup or do it manually.

Amazing, they can signup themselves. When you meet someone on the spot. You can make sure they signup before they walk away. Never chase down someone again. They have absolutely no financial commitment, they don't need a credit card until they buy a lead. Your team members will be able to signup too.

  • Your team & buyers don't need a credit card to signup.
  • Team and buyers can signup all by themselves.
  • You can manually setup accounts, turn off signup and more.

Finally simplify your lead distribution, sale & management.

With almost complete automation top to bottom.

The only cost is $0.10 per SMS after your 10 FREE daily SMS.

Automated Sales

Don't ever send an invoice again. Never send an excel sheet with leads. Never worry about how to deliver leads. Never worry about having to sell a lead in person. Our software does all of this and more for you, automatically.

Extensive Features

Full branding customization options, total lead management, an easy to integrate API for your existing website, a place for your clients to login and keep track of purchases and all for one flat monthly fee.

Keep All the Money

We don't take any money when you sell leads. We don't even touch it. It goes directly to your bank account using your own stripe API keys. You get 10 free SMS per day that's 310 free SMS per month. Then you pay only $0.10 per SMS and if you send over 1,001 a day you'll only spend $0.05 per SMS.




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