Generate real estate leads & assign them to your team with a smart contact form.

The text message your team members receive before they can accept a lead or buy a lead.


How exactly to generate real estate leads and what to do with them.

A lot of people come and visit your website, trust me they do and many fill out your contact form, not all of them submit it, but they put some of their information in. It may take you time to get back to them. Or you have no idea that they’ve contacted you until hours later when you check your email or you just remembered.

Those people (leads), that sweet commission, will contact or be contacted within that hour or 30 minutes after submitting another web form say on and you & your team have no chance at this point. Those leads will be bombarded with messages within hours. An exponentially greater loss happens when you have buyers agents and seller agents under you, they have contact forms too on their websites and this happens to them as well. What a loss, a great loss of potential commissions.

The dilemma of spending time and money generating leads.

All a loss because you didn’t have an automated hands offway to get that lead assigned to your entire team directly to their phone via a text message (also known as an SMS) so someone could Accept it the minute that person filled out you or your teams contact forms on their websites or where ever else you collect leads from.



assign leads to your team members
When the Accept Lead link is clicked team members are taken to this Accept page. Tip: Sold also means accepted.

A veteran home buyers insight into how the lead works from their end.

I’ve bought three houses in Las Vegas in the past five years since Nina my wife and I got married and became pregnant with her first baby girl who is now almost four. We saw two of them and we still live in one that we can raise our family in.

Whoever can’t contact me back immediately and have the time to take my business at that very moment I usually forget about or ignore their calls later. You need a way to get leads to the right team members at the right time, on your team members watch.

What does the lead sms notification look like that my team gets?

You can customize the entire message and you swap out some place holders to make your link go to an Accept Lead page and not a Payment page like in the picture of the text message one of our team members got when testing our Monetizelead.

What happens once they’ve accepted the lead, what do they see?

What your team sees after accepting a lead.

Your team members are sent a free receipt with the leads full information in the unique identifying number in case there’s any issues or you have to look it up later. They are also showing a page with the leads full information in that same unique identifying string of letters and numbers so you can identify the leave later if needed.

Manually submit leads to using another page we provide.

Learn more about the manual submission page and the smart contact form page included free with Monetizelead at no additional cost to you or your team.

You get 10 free lead sms notifications daily that are used to automatically distribute leads to your team using lead types to set up assignment rules. You get 310 free lead sms notification a month if it’s a 31 day month.

That’s $6.00 free a month or $72 a year we give you back in free lead sms notification to use daily.

You only spend $0.10 per lead sms notification after you use your 10 free lead sms notifications daily. See what else you get for free here.

You can both sell leads with Monetizelead and you can assign them. You can only do one at a time though in the free version. Contact us for more information

Your friend,

Cody Krecicki, Founder