Using the free manual lead submit page included with Monetizelead [No Technical Knowledge]

We’ve included a free manual lead submission form for you to use to get started with Monetizelead.

How to use the manual lead submit page

Getting the link to your free lead capture contact page called MonetizeContact

Once you’ve signed up it’s really easy to use. Login to Monetizelead and look for the ‘Options’ tab on the menu on your left. If your not sure how to login use this link and replace your-username-here with your username:

Monetizelead Login URL:

Have your own website? You can use our API with your own form too if you’re tech savvy

Keep this in mind before continuing. 

Keep this page private to be used by employees and yourself. Monetizelead has built in anti-fraud tools. One of those tools stops website visitors from submitting a contact form more than once. Our system watches their computers address if they try to submit the contact form twice and it stops them in their tracks.

So in order for you to submit multiple leads through the manual lead submission form you’ll need to use a proxy service to keep changing your computers address. Each time you visit your manual lead submission page you’ll need to use HideMyAss.

You’ll put your URL in the text box it asks you to do so in. And you’ll chose the server united states of america. Each time you submit a lead, just visit the website over again and follow the same steps to submit another lead.

Have your own website? You can use our API with your own form too if you’re tech savvy

Instruction pages for using your manual lead submission page


You simply copy the URL from the Options tab to use it. Scroll down the page to find it under MonetizeContact.

Important: Lead types must be split up by a comma without any spaces. Otherwise they won’t work. It’s case-sensitive. Visit your link and look at the last field on your form.

By default the form has no lead types. Only place,holders,like,this.spaced,by,commas. In your team & lead buyers profiles you or they can chose lead types and receive lead text notifications every time you submit a lead manually with the lead types they want to receive.

Customizing the websites logo, background colors & more branding options

You can update the pages background color of your MonetizeContact pages. The logo is changed from the global settings page.

Learn how to use your free contact form included with Monetizelead.