Assignment rules with lead types and making certain leads cost more.

How lead types work for assigning leads to team members.

You can combine lead types together. You can use single lead types. With lead types you can create assignment rules to determine which members on your team will get which lead sms notifications from what lead & contact page forms. With the smart contact page or the manual submission we provide called MonetizeContact™ you’ll be able to send leads to team members who’ve selected the contactform lead type in their profile or you’ve set it for them.

Watch the video above to see how to use lead types. Tip: Even if a lead type has a cost associated with it and you’re sending your team a link to just accept the lead your team members skip the credit card form and go straight to the lead + receive the lead receipt sms just as if they’d bought it.

What is a lead type and how do they work for selling leads.

You have the ability to sell leads to hundreds of different kinds of niche lead buyers; insurance agents, credit repair people, realtors, movers, you name it and you can sell leads to buyers for it. If you are distributing the leads to your sales team just leave the dollar value at zero. Your sales team can create any assignment rules they can think of regarding who gets distributed what leads via SMS. You can even use MonetizeContact™ pages to sell leads by editing the contactform lead type and giving it a cost.

Making leads cost more or less for lead buyers.

Another unique feature of the Lead Type is the ability to make leads more or less expensive. You have the ability to make a lead cost negative and you have the ability to make a lead cost more. When you combine tags together you can increase the value of a lead takes me to do a buyer or decrease the value.

Our API will be your gateway to sending Lead Types to us.

You have the ability to pass variables into the lead types of value area in the API or you have the ability to make hard text lead types to keep your form simple. Monetize lead will only collect the persons name, their email address, your phone number and their ZIP Code.

However you can use tags in association with radio buttons check boxes and other types of form fields to pass tags in the form of variables to the lead types of value area in your form to increase the value of a lead or diffuse the value of a lead or to just sell the lead to specific buyers that want specific kinds of weed see a realtor that only wants luxury home buyer leads.

These tags are passed back with the lead to help identify easier in your administrator control panel and for your buyers to look at to decide what we had was what when they purchased it.

To get a better idea of how this works watch the video above or look up the video on how the API integration works.The API is written in JavaScript using something called RESTful. If you do not know how to program somebody at freelancer.com will be able to help you out with building a JavaScript web form or integrating your old form with our API.

If you copy and paste the HTML from the integrations tab to an HTML page you can post the leads manually through this that you’ve already prequalified. You’ll still need web hosting though to host the website we do not offer a page or form builder currently.