Reversing bad leads purchased by your buyers

From time to time you will get leads that are not good which means they’re not contactable or its just bad data. After your buyers contact you you’ll need to ask them for the token of the lead. Once you have this token you can go to the reversals tab. Search the page for that token, just use the browsers search feature.

After you delete the lead here in the reversals tab (you can undelete the lead later if you prove it’s real). You need to log into your Stripe account and return payment here as well. The first procedure of deleting the purchase from Monetizelead is to reconcile the purchases in their reporting control panel. But you still need to refund the transaction made to their credit card from the Stripe website.

You do not want your buyers to see purchases that you have reversed and you want them to be able to reconcile their control panels reporting.