The colorful boxes you see when you login on the overview page

There’s blue boxes there’s green boxes there’s yellow boxes and red boxes. What do they all mean though?

On the blue boxes on top it says members on the bottom it says leads today these blue boxes give you an idea of how many new buyers you signed up total and how many leads you’ve sold for the day.

The green boxes will tell you how many new buyers have signed up today and how many leads you sold all time.

Yellow boxes the top box will tell you how many buyers are actively log into your website looking at historical purchases in the box on the bottom will tell you how much money is made today.

In the red top right-hand corner you’ll see how many people are online versus active they could be logged in but they could not be doing anything so they just be online if they are active on the website and doing things on the website with in a short period of time that we considered active and online.

The red box in the bottom will tell you how much money you’ve made selling leads on the monetize lead platform all time.

These are just quick indicators for you to make quick executive decisions based off of. If you could see your numbers and you know your numbers than you know your business.