Managing leads and deleting bad leads from your system

Under the leads tab on the left-hand side blue menu. You can sort through all of the leads that have been generated through your system. You will be able to see the leads ID, leads name, and email and something called token along with the date and the tags associated with the lead along with the IP address it came from.

The leads token can be used by your buyers to help you identify leads easier in your system. The random letters and numbers that make up a token can never be duplicated, ever. So each lead reach sale that you process will be easy to look up. When your buyers are done purchasing a lead on their receipt and the text message they get they will have the token for the lead they purchased so if you have to look up the lead in your system because it’s better fraudulent you can go to the leads tab and delete the lead or if you catch it before anybody buys a bad lead you can delete it too.

When you see leads are being submitted from the same IP address you know you might have a problem from spam or fraudulent leads missions. This could be from a number of things. If an IP address has submitted a lead with in the past 24 hours the system is automatically set up to start that IP address from submitting another lead so your buyers do not get spammed.

This feel safe mechanism keeps your reputation in order and keeps your buyers from buying a bunch of fraudulent leads that are being generated by whoever for whatever reason.

You also have the ability to undelete leads at the click of a button. Once a lead is deleted it cannot be purchased by any of your buyers they will find themselves on a broken page.David is still stored in your database for later and none of the transaction records will be deleted.