Changing employees roles and other user role permissions

User Roles, found under the admin panel drop-down menu. You are the admin or the super admin, this means that you have full control over everything in your control panel; managing members, at a custom fields, deleting users, global settings and all the rest of the options in the drop-down menu.

If you like your employees to manage members and not manage settings you just make them a member manager if you wanted them to manage settings not members you make them an admin settings role.

All of your buyers are called member, this is the role name that all your buyers use.

If you want to ban her user account for whatever the reason maybe you can just set there is a roll of the band instead of member same goes for your employees the fire one of them.

In the top right-hand corner you can actually rename the rules or combine roles as well. Do you actually change the role of the user you’re going to manage users click the yellow wheel option next to the users row and then you can choose the role from their profile.